07 October 2016 | 11:01

Summer 17 is fully bookable at Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium.

To answer the needs of our customers, our flight schedule for summer 17 has been adapted to include a higher number of flights to Spain and the Canary Islands in particular. A wider range of Greek Islands and the former Yugoslavia is also available, to complete the offer.
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Press Releases

19 June 2016 | 20:41

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium: Launch Ohrid (Macedonia) & Summer 17

Today, Monday June 20th, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium flew to Ohrid in Macedonia for the first time.
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05 May 2016 | 08:23

Tour Operator Thomas Cook Belgium is concentrating the extra peak capacity for both July and August at Brussels Airport

Thomas Cook Belgium has decided to concentrate all extra peak capacity for July and August at Brussels Airport.
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12 February 2016 | 11:08

Where do Belgians travel to during carnival holidays?

When do we travel and where do we travel to, to enjoy our holidays?
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17 June 2016 | 11:49

Swissport strike

This morning, a spontaneous strike broke out at baggage handler Swissport.
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15 June 2016 | 11:39

Waving goodbye and picking up is allowed again in Zaventem

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium is again operating for 100% out of Brussels Airport
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