Summer 17 is fully bookable at Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium.

Increased frequencies, more direct flights and child-friendly hours

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium will continue its successful progress after flying this summer to as many as 31 different airports in 12 different countries. Trends that are expected to continue are increasing the number of direct flights to shorten guests’ travel time and maximise their fun time. Also expected to be popular for summery 17 is the increasing child-friendly departure times to appeal to the huge number of families who take that aspect of their journey into account, something that Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium is very keen to satisfy. To meet the demand for more flexibility most of the destinations will also be scheduled to fly at least twice a week and for more than a third of the destinations, this is even as much as four times a week. For the most popular destinations such as Majorca, Tenerife and Crete daily flights are provided.

Ticket Only

In addition to its preferred partnership with the tour operators Neckermann, Thomas Cook and Pegase, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium made a clear choice to increase the offering of ticket only sales to appeal to the more independent travellers. With our guests at the centre of our business, we notice an increased and growing demand for further personalisation of one’s holiday. Figures support the fact that an increasing amount of travelers is booking ticket only to the sun and early booking is also very common. The ticket-only range is very wide and also gives access to the incredibly big network of Condor giving our travelers the world at their fingertips. Through the website our customers can easily add more services and manage their reservation until very close to departure. To put this even more in the picture, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium regularly launches Happy Fly Days which will be announced through social media, making the best deal for travelling easily available.

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